Ten wonderful art paintings about love

What is love and how is it portrayed in art? Love is more than insanity and intoxicating joy, it is a tsunami of conflicting emotions and our companions become the rock we hold on to to stay alive.

The following ten paintings will take you on a familiar journey, so let’s get lost in this feeling that has the power to break our soul into a million pieces.

It all starts with excitement. It is that happy time when the skies are constantly blue and the light is soft and you are immersed in the possibilities of love. These paintings show the beauty of the moments that will become the foundation on which the love affair is built.

1. “The course of love – Love letters” – Jean Honoré Fragonard (1771 – 1772)

2. “Garden with couples flirting: the square of Saint-Pierre” – Vincent van Gogh (1887)

Once delusions give way to reality, affection follows. It is these hours early in the morning when you go to bed and feel the warm presence of your beloved body next to yours. It is a deep feeling with deep roots, which is difficult to eradicate.

3. “Couple in Bed” – Toulouse Lautrec (1892)

4. “The Lovers” – Pablo Picasso (1923)

Pleasure and ecstasy are always there in the background. The tables below show those warm moments where we forget where we are and who we are and all we are waiting for is this hug.

5. “The Lovers” – Egon Schiele (1909)

6. “Sleep” – Gustave Courbet (1866)

In the phase of this cycle things get dark. In a relationship established in our heart it is possible to experience moments of uncertainty and insecurity. It does not matter if the relationship is flourishing or collapsing, here is the fear that change is imminent and that love may fade in the future.

7. “Woman resting on her elbows” – Pierre Auguste Renoir (1875 – 1885)

8. “Never Again” – Paul Gauguin (1897)

Whoever said that love lasts forever was mistaken. Even in the greatest love stories something happens that ends up killing the romance, causing the end or a new love interest. Here we see the loss and grief in their greatness.

9. “Farewell: Telemachus and Thanksgiving” – Jacques-Louis David (1818)

10. “Melancholy” – Enwart Munch (1894)

Love does not only mean happiness and affection, as you can see, it is a path of upheaval. These paintings show us that one of our most essential characteristics as a species is our ability to experience the phenomenon of love.

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