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Mirrors for the decoration of your home
Mirrors, in addition to the obvious, practical and useful reasons, come to become a decorative “weapon” to give our house style and interesting style. So beyond the points that we usually use to serve us, we can experiment and beautify the space, give it depth, help it look bigger. In the empty walls instead of…
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Is there folk painting in today’s homes?
What was the most popular painting of the petty bourgeois Greek house in the second part of the 20th century? Most likely the navy board that is designed from the middle and up and holds the steering wheel facing the horizon. It came in two variants: the navy with the black beard and the dark…
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Make an Abstract Artwork
Even if you do not have much experience in painting, it is certain that you can create art. You can easily make an abstract work of art and there is no right or wrong but only what you like. You will need: Large canvas. Acrylic colours Golden leaves Glue for the leaves Paint mixing spatula…
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